All law is Contractual. Ever wonder how the I.R.D., Police and Council force you to pay taxes, fines and rates? The answer is you entered into a contract with them. Why did you do that when you had the unalienable right to earn a wage without taxation, drive your private conveyance as you please, and use and enjoy your property without having to pay for the “privilege”?

They tricked you into believing you had to contract with them by intentionally blurring the lines between the crown created legal entity known as the “PERSON”, and you (the flesh and blood creation known as a “human being”). It is nothing short of fraud, breach of trust, and covert slavery.

The human being's right to contract is one of the fundamental rights of freedom. A human being's private contract cannot be trespassed by the Government and its creations (corporations). Therefore if a human being has a private contract to buy merchandise from a MERCHANT (corporation), there is no requirement for the human being to pay any taxes on the transaction, unless the human being enters into a contractual agreement with the merchant to do so. Such a transaction from the MERCHANT's point of view is considered a non-taxable transaction as it is conducted with a human being outside the jurisdiction of Statute (Corporate) Law.

Most accountants and lawyers are not familiar with the human being's right to private contract and the Common Law/Unalienable right from which it is derived, and therefore they are unaware of this fact.

When the human being makes a contract with a CORPORATION he is subject to the terms and conditions of that contract. So when John Doe (natural-person) contracts to become an Officer of the corporation JOHN DOE, he undertakes all the duties and responsibility of the Companies Act regarding CORPORATIONS. This includes the payment of any fines or taxes as may be applied to the corporation JOHN DOE by the Government.

When the artificial-person JOHN DOE has to submit its annual Income Tax Return, the artificial-person John Doe acting in the capacity of Officer makes a one-year contract (a Tax Return Form) with the Government and is responsible for the accuracy of the submission.

If the artificial-person JOHN DOE does not pay the agreed upon percentage of his income, the I.R.D. may start to reclaim other property of the artificial-person JOHN DOE, such as vehicle, house, etc. All of this property is in the name of the artificial-person JOHN DOE. The natural-person John Doe does not own anything he thinks he owns that is in the name of the artificial-person JOHN DOE.

An excellent discussion of Enforceable Rights, Contracts, Who Owns What, What are your Obligations, etc, has been prepared by Roy Halliday